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Friday, September 05, 2008

Los Straitjackets - Damas y Caballeros

Artist: Los Straitjackets
Album: Damas y Caballeros
Genre: Rock & Roll

1. Introduction Of Los Straitjackets
2. Outta Gear
3. State Fair
4. Casbah
5. Calhoun Surf
6. Itchy Chicken
7. Last Date
8. Kawanga!
9. I'm Branded
10. My Heart Will Go On
11. Squad Car
12. Rockula
13. Tempest
14. Lynxtail
15. Tailspin
16. Pacifica
17. Driving Guitars
18. Sing Sing Sing
19. Sleepwalk
20. Rawhide

Download here

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