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Friday, September 05, 2008

13th Floor Elevators - Complete Easter Everywhere (1967)

Artist: 13th Floor Elevators
Album: Complete Easter Everywhere
Year: 1967
Quality/Rate: 192 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Psycedelic Rock

Song title

01 Slip Inside This House
02 Slide Machine
03 She Lives
04 Nobody To Love
05 Baby Blue
06 Earthquake
07 Dust
08 Levitation
09 I Had To Tell You
10 Postures
11 Never Another
12 Dust (Easter Alt.)
13 Splash 1
14 Right Track Now
15 Don't Ever Want To
16 Fire In My Bones
17 Livin' On
18 Til Then
19 Dear Dr Doom
20 Wait For My Love
21 May The Circle Remain
22 Levitation (backing

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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