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Monday, August 25, 2008

Santana - Ultimate Santana

Artist: Santana
Album: Ultimate Santana
Genre: Pop/Rock

1. Into The Night (featuring Chad Kroeger) - previously unreleased
2. This Boy's Fire(feat. Jennifer Lopez and Baby Bash) - previously unreleased
3. Smooth(w/Rob Thomas) - from Supernatural (released June 1999)
4. Maria Maria(w/Product G&B) - from Supernatural (released June 1999)
5. Oye Como Va- from Abraxas (released Sept. 1970)
6. Black Magic Woman- from Abraxas (released Sept. 1970)
7. Evil Ways- from Santana (released Aug. 1969)
8. Corazon Espinado(w/Maná) - from Supernatural (released June 1999)
9. Europa - from album Amigos (released March 1976)
10. The Game of Love (w/Tina Turner) - previously unreleased
11. Put Your Lights On(w/Everlast) - from Supernatural (released June 1999)
12. Why Don't You & I(w/Alex Band of The Calling) - (single released internationally July 2003)
13. Everybody's Everything- from Santana III (released Sept. 1971)
14. Just Feel Better(w/Steven Tyler) - from All That I Am (released Nov. 2005)
15. Samba Pa Ti- from Abraxas (released Sept. 1970)
16. No One To Depend On - from Santana III (released Sept. 1971)
17. The Game of Love(w/Michelle Branch) -from Shaman (released Oct. 2002)
18. Interplanetary Party- previously unreleased

Download here Part 1
Download here Part 2

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