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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rebecca Martin - The Growing Season (2008)

Artist: Rebecca Martin
Album: The Growing Season (2008)
Genre: Jazz

Now Rebecca has brought all of her strengths together for The Growing Season, an album I ll be listening to for a long time. It s an album of songs about motherhood, about living in the world and living in your body. There is an effortlessness about it, buoyed by the lighter-than-air rhythms of drummer Brian Blade, the supple rightness of Larry Grenadier s beautiful, emphatic bass, the otherworldly chordings of guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, all anchored by Rebecca s elegant songs, lovely, picked guitar and smokey, generous voice. It's a voice that seems to leave nothing out: sex and death and breakfast and wind in the trees and tax forms and laughter and night. All at once.

1. The Space In A Song To Think
2. A Million Miles
3. Just A Boy
4. To Prove Them Wrong
5. What Feels Like Home
6. Lullaby
7. As For You, Raba
8. After Midnight
9. Make The Days Run Fast
10. Free At Last
11. Pieces

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