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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Perla Batalla - Bird On The Wire The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Artist: Perla Batalla
Album: Bird On The Wire The Songs Of Leonard Cohen
Genre: Pop/Folk

Leonard Cohen’s gruff voice has kept many from properly appreciating the brilliance and utter romanticism of his songs.
Perla Batalla here lovingly wraps her warm voice around 10 of them to glorious results.
The best are the ones where she takes the most liberties: “Famous Blue Raincoat” backed by a string quartet, a jazzy “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy,” “Ballad of the Absent Mare” as a duet with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, “Dance Me to the End of Love” as a duet with Bill Gable partially translated into Spanish, “Suzanne” cleverly interpolating bits of Steven Foster’s “O Susanna.” The sound is sumptuous.
Engineer/mixer Leanne Unger is an excellent choice for the project as she has worked on many of Cohen’s own albums over the years.
Her sympathy and love for Cohen’s songs, plus her familiarity with them, greatly enhances the album.
The three cover shots of Perla Batalla and Leonard Cohen sharing warm moments speaks volumes both to Perla’s sincerity and love for Cohen’s songs and Cohen’s endorsement of Perla’s work.
Beautifully conceived and executed, Bird on the Wire is a rewarding listening experience I find myself returning to frequently.
It is every bit the equal of Jennifer Warnes’ classic Cohen tribute album Famous Blue Raincoat.
For those uninitiated to the glories of the songs of Leonard Cohen this is a wonderful introduction.
For the rest of us it is simply heavenly.

1. If It Be Your Will
2. Seems So Long ago Mancy
3. Coming Back to You
4. Dance me to the end of Love
5. So Long Marianne
6. Came so far for Beauty
7. Ballad of the Absent Mare
8. Famous Blue Raincoat
9. Bird on the Wire
10. Suzanne

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