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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Randy Newman - Harps And Angels 2008

Artist: Randy Newman
Album: Harps And Angels 2008
Genre: Rock

Randy Newman's first studio album of all new material in nearly a decade is, by turns, hilarious, poignant and scathingly satirical. Harps and Angels often has an easy going Crescent City feel, with Newman on piano fronting a small combo and revealing, as Rolling Stone put it after the Carnegie Hall show, his serious love and study of the New Orleans piano tradition.

1. Harps and Angels 5:07
2. Losing You 2:40
3. Laugh and Be Happy 2:17
4. A Few Words in Defense of Our Country 4:14
5. A Piece of the Pie 2:41
6. Easy Street 3:14
7. Korean Parents 3:26
8. Only a Girl 2:44
9. Potholes 3:39
10. Feels Like Home

Download here

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