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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dr.John And The Lower 911 - City That Care Forgot (2008)

Artist: DR. John and The Lower 911
Album: Dr.John And The Lower 911 - City That Care Forgot (2008)
Genre: Blues

01. Keep On Goin'
02. Time For A Change (featuring Eric Clapton)
03. Promises, Promises (featuring Willie Nelson)
04. You Might Be Surprised
05. Dream Warrior
06. Black Gold
07. We Gettin' There (featuring Terence Blanchard)
08. Stripped Away (featuring Eric Clapton)
09. Say Whut?
10. My People Need A Second Line (feat. James Andrews & Trombone Shorty)
11. Land Grab (featuring Terence Blanchard)
12. City That Care Forgot (featuring Eric Clapton and Ani DiFranco)
13. Save Our Wetlands (featuring Terrance Simien)

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