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Friday, September 19, 2008

Frankie Ford - Ooh Wee Baby The best Of

Artist: Frankie Ford
Album: The Best of Ooh Wee Baby
Genre: Pop

1. Sea Cruise (Take 1)
2. Cheatin' Woman
3. Last One To Cry
4. Sea Cruise (Take 13)
5. Roberta Listen
6. Can't Tell My Heart What To Do
7. Alimony
8. Time After Time
9. I Want To Be Your Man
10. Chinatown (Take 5)
11. What's Going On
12. Morgus The Magnificent
13. Lonely Boy
14. Ocean Full Of Tears
15. Hour Of Need
16. Blow Wind Blow
17. It Must Be Jelly
18. Your Name Is Over
19. St. Louis Blues
20. Geronimo
21. I'm Worried Over You
22. Watch Dog
23. Can't Tell My Heart What To Do (Undubbed Take)
24. Time After Time (Undubbed Take)
25. Hour Of Need (Undubbed Take)
26. Danny Boy
27. Pretending You're Mine (Take 3)

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