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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Black Kids - Partie Traumatic (2008)

"It's true: Black Kids know how to get down. The interracial crew's "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" was last year's hottest indie-rock tail-wagger — a campy mix of pillow-fight synth-pop and B-52s giddiness. Rerecorded versions of "Boyfriend" and other songs from the band's 2007 EP, Wizard of Ahhhs, make up the best moments of their sugary debut LP — which is a tad worrying. But with Brit-pop vet Bernard Butler behind the decks, these Floridians still toss out an impressive 10-song party grenade. Their remake of Ahhhs' "Hurricane Jane" is a gender-twisted disco jam, with frontman Reggie Youngblood mewling like Robert Smith and confessing, "I want you here inside me," to the title's tomboy. "I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)" is a hyperactive fever dream of Brill Building pop. "Listen to Your Body Tonight" nods to "Take Your Time (Do It Right)," the S.O.S. Band's slinky 1980 electro-funk strut, with Youngblood urging boys and girls to jump into bed with someone. He might convince you to do so too."

Artist: Black Kids
Album: Partie Traumatic
Year: 2008
Quality/Rate: 224 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Indie
Server: Rapidshare

Song title

1. Hit the Heartbrakes 3:43
2. Partie Traumatic 3:10
3. Listen to Your Body Tonight 3:07
4. Hurricane Jane 4:32
5. I'm Making Eyes at You 4:28
6. I've Underestimated My Charm (Again) 3:55
7. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You 3:37
8. Love Me Already 4:04
9. I Wanna Be Your Limousine 3:16
10. Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo) 4:11

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