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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sophie Zelmani - The Ocean and Me (2008)

2008 release, the eighth full length from the Swedish singer/songwriter.
This time around, she and her long time associate, Lasse Halapi choose to record these songs in a given order several nights in a row, thereby letting the songs influence each other and grow forth in a spontaneous flow.
From these sessions the best takes were chosen. The end result is the magic of the moment - the music as it was played there and then. It lives and breathes, providing the perfect setting for Sophie’s soft and beautiful voice, singing words of yearning, regret and bittersweet love.

Artist: Sophie Zelmani
Album: The Ocean and Me (2008)
Genre: Pop/Acoustic

01 The Ocean And Me
02 Composing
03 Spring Love
04 Time
05 Passing By
06 Wind Took My Sail
07 Yeah, Okey
08 Love
09 I've Got A Suspicion
10 This Room
11 July Waits
12 I Will Be There

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