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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sierra Hull - Secrets (2008)

Artist: Sierra Hull
Album: Secrets (2008)
Genre: Country

Sierra Hull is a rare talent: an artist who combines youthful intensity and energy with a sense of grace and maturity well beyond her years.
Secrets, her national debut, features her fluidly, inventive mandolin playing and tender, wistful singing supported by a luminous cast of bluegrass masters.
From full-on newgrass instrumentals to eloquent, heart-stopping ballads to playful modern bluegrass, Secrets heralds the arrival of a fresh, important new voice onto today’s bluegrass scene.

01. Secrets
02. From Now On
03. Two Winding Rails
04. Smashville
05. Everybody S Somebody S Fool
06. Pretend
07. If You Can Tame My Heart
08. That S All I Can Say
09. The Hard Way
10. Hullarious
11. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
12. Only My Heart
13. Trust and Obey

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