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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peter and The Wolf - Prog Fairytale (1975)

The original, classical version of Peter And The Wolf was composed by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in 1936, and premiered on the 2nd May of that year. The original idea behind this creation was to combine the folk tale of Peter And The Wolf with a series of classical instruments, each interpreting a particular character in the tale. The tale is told through the eyes of a narrator who explains the story which is then interpreted by the various cast of musical instruments.

In 1975, a rock version of Peter And The Wolf was released with the majority of arrangements done by Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley. The whole album was built around the original classical compositions by Prokofiev, though rock instruments represented the characters this time round. What one gets is actually a who's who of the jazz rock scene participating on this album which is actually more fascinating by the various combos that play on various tracks rather than the whole album itself. The album has been unavailable in recent years on CD, and only lately has it become available once again via Jack Lancaster's own Verdant Records label. The track list given above is from the original vinyl version, which differs slightly from that which is given on the CD version.

The Cast:
Narrator - Viv Stanshall
Peter - Manfred Mann
Bird - Gary Brooker
Duck - Chris Spedding
Duck - Garry Moore
Cat - Stephane Grappelli
Wolf - Brian Eno
Pond - Keith Tippett
Grandfather - Jack Lancaster
Hunters - Jon Hiseman, Bill Bruford, Cozy Powell, Phil Collins

Additional Musicians:
Guitars - John Goodsall, Pete Haywood, Alvin Lee
Bass - Percy Jones, Andy Pyle, Dave Marquee
Keyboards -Robin Lumley
Drums - Cozy Powell & Phil Collins
Vocals - Bernie Frost, Julie Tippetts, The English Chorale

Side One:
Peter's Theme
Bird And Peter
Duck Theme
Duck And Bird
Cat Dance
Cat And Duck
Wolf And Duck

Side Two:
Threnody For A Duck
Wolf Stalks
Cat In Tree
Peter's Chase
Capture Of Wolf
Rock And Roll Celebration
Duck Escape
Final Theme

some more information about the tracks
there are 2 large mp3 tracks
side one = 20:12 320 kb
side two = 16:48 320 kb

Download here

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