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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fous De La Mer - Ipanema

Artist: Fous De La Mer
Album: Ipanema
Genre: Electronica/Lo-Fi/Downtempo/Latin/Bossa Nova

01 Bossaliday (Tudo Vai E Vem) (4:35)
02 Así Vas (Acoustic Version) (4:22)
03 Conmigo (Acoustic Version) (5:36)
04 Solo Pa Ti (Instrumental) (5:07)
05 Never Stop Loving (English Acoustic Version) (4:21)
06 Ultramar (Acoustic Version) (5:05)
07 The Night Is Still Young (Tokyo Wa Yoru No Shichiji) (5:06)
08 Bigger Love (4:13)
09 Coco Verde (4:54)
10 Spinaker (Instrumental) (4:50)
11 Tu Mirada (Acoustic Version) (4:51)
12 Triste (Soft Electro Mix) (4:21)

Download here

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