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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Knight - Heart of Stone (2008)

Artist: Chris Knight
Album: Heart of STone (2008)
Genre: Country/Rock

He's the one-of-a-kind artist who's been consistently compared to Steve Earle, John Mellancamp, and Johnny Cash at their best.
He's a songwriter's songwriter who's ferociously honest tracks have been turned into hits by Montgomery Gentry, Blake Shelton, and most recently Cross Canadian Ragweed.
Now, ten years and five acclaimed albums into one of the most uncompromising careers in American music, he has delivered the album of his career.

1. Homesick Gypsy
2. Hell Ain't Half Full
3. Something To Keep Me Going
4. Heart Of Stone
5. Danville
6. Another Dollar
7. Almost There
8. Crooked Road
9. Maria
10. Miles To Memphis
11. My Old Cars
12. Go On Home

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