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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slade - B-Sides (2007)

Finally, on CD, the Slade B-sides! For every boisterous singalong hit single, there was a fabulous flipside, whether a tender ballad, progressive rocker or left-field nugget. This is Slade's secret history, an invaluable, often surprising insight into a great British band.

Artist: Slade
Album: B-Sides
Year: 2007
Quality/Rate: 320 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Glam Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Song title

Track List CD1

1 One Way Hotel
2 C'mon C'mon
3 Do You Want Me
4 Gospel According To Rasputin
5 My Life Is Natural
6 Candidate
7 Wonderin' Y
8 Man Who Speeks Evil
9 I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen
10 I'm Mee I'm Now And That's Orl
11 Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite
12 My Town
13 Don't Blame Me
14 She Did It Me
15 O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
16 So Far So Good
17 Raining In My Champagne
18 Can You Just Imagine
19 When The Chips Are Down
20 L.A. Jinx
21 Forest Full Of Needles

1 Ready Steady kids
2 O.H.M.S.
3 Daddio
4 It's Alright Buy Me
5 Not Tonight Josephine
6 Funk Punk And Junk
7 Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply
8 Don't Tame A Hurricane
9 Two Track Stereo One Track Mind
10 Here's To (The New Year)
11 Leave Them Girls Alone
12 Mama Nature Is A Rocker
13 My Oh My (swing version)
14 Gotta Go Home
15 Don't Talk To Me About Love
16 Wild Wild Party
17 You Boyz Make Big Noize
18 Lay Your Love On The Line
19 Red Hot

The swaggering and boisterous rock which dominated Slade's singles output was not always duplicated on their flipsides, which showed a band with a much broader repertoire. In this, the latest of Salvo's "Feel The Noize" Slade campaign, the 40 tracks that served as B-Sides to Slade singles between 1969 and 1991 are lovingly remastered and served up in one convenient package that will send the band's many fans into paroxysms of joy. Many appear on CD for the first time and highlights include the progressive-leaning Gospel According To Rasputin, the nicely executed ballad Wonderin' Y and the storming Raining In My Champagne. All tracks are fully documented in an informative booklet and the double cardboard digipack sleeve features miniature illustrations of the original singles.

Enjoy it!

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

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