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Thursday, August 21, 2008

R.E.M - All The Way To Reno (2001)

"All the Way to Reno (You're Gonna Be a Star)" was the second single by R.E.M. from their twelfth studio album Reveal. According to Peter Buck's sleevenotes to In Time, the R.E.M. best-of on which this song appears, the song describes someone who believes they can get famous if they go to Reno. The working title of the song was "Jimmy Webb on Mars", which, according to Buck's notes, was a "sick tribute to a songwriter who we all admire."

The single did not chart in the USA but reached #24 in the UK Singles Chart.

The B-side live performances were recorded at the South Africa Freedom Day concert in Trafalgar Square, London, which was held in honour of South African President Nelson Mandela. The event marked the 7th anniversary of democracy in South Africa.

The song's video was shot at Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School in the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, New York. It was directed by Michael Moore and filmed by four students from the host and other local schools: Chris, 17; Steve, 17; Andy, 18; Charlotte, 13; Roger, 18; and Juan, 17. In the video, Peter Buck and Mike Mills can be seen entering the Career Guidance office with their respective instruments in hand, only to leave armed with nothing more than a dustpan and brush. Bertis Downs makes an appearance as the school's announcer, only to have his microphone commandeered by one Michael Stipe.

Artist: R.E.M
Album: All The Way To Reno
Year: 2001
Quality/Rate: 192 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Song title

1. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonn…
2. Yellow River (Non-Album Track)
3. 165 Hillcrest (Non-Album Track)
4. Imitation Of Life (Live From Trafal… R.E.M.

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