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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Levellers - Letters From The Underground (2008)

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Artist: Levellers
Album: Letters From The Underground
Genre: Rock

‘Letters From The Underground’ is the ninth studio album from
Brighton based outfit The Levellers. Recorded at their own
Metway Studios and produced by the band themselves, the album
sees The Levellers doing what they do best, combining
politically charged lyrics with their unique upbeat brand of
anarcho-folk punk. The free download single ‘Burn America
Burn’ is included.

1. The Cholera Well 2:30
2. Death Loves Youth 3:51
3. Eyes Wide 2:46
4. Before The End 3:40
5. Burn America, Burn 2:51
6. Heart Of The Country 3:05
7. Behold The Pale Rider 4:50
8. A Life Less Ordinary 3:09
9. Accidental Anarchist 2:45
10. Duty 3:18
11. Fight Or Flight 3:09

Download here

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