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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Johnny Cash Remixed (2008)

Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Remixed (2008)
Genre: Pop/Dance/Hip Hop

“JOHNNY CASH REMIXED,” featuring bold new interpretations of Johnny Cash classics from top music remixers and producers who were recruited to take the original master recordings and infuse them with the sounds and technology of modern music styles such as hip hop and dance music.

“Johnny Cash Remixed” is a tribute to the legacy of an American music icon whose work has touched every contemporary genre, and has the blessing and support of the custodians of Johnny Cash’s legacy.

1. I Walk The Line [QDT Muzik Remix, feat. Snoop Dogg]
2. Big River [Count De Money Remix]
3. Get Rhythm [Philip Steir Remix]
4. Doin’ My Time [The Heavy Remix]
5. Country Boy [Sonny J Remix]
6. Leave That Junk Alone [Alabama 3 Remix]
7. Port Of Lonely Hearts [Midnight Juggernauts Remix]
8. Folsom Prison Blues [Pete Rock Remix]
9. Straight A’s In Love [ Troublemaker Remix]
10. Sugartime [Kennedy Remix]
11. Rock Island Line [Wolf Remix]
12. Belshazzar [Machine Drum Remix]
13. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow [ Apparat Remix]

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