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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Joey Dyser - Who's A Full Time Saint? (Vinyl Rip) (1975)

Joey Dyser was one of those proverbial one hit wonders. Amsterdam reporter Josje Duister used to write songs and sing them as a hobby, when one day her neighbour, producer Albert Gemerts, invited her to his studio to make some professional recordings. One of the songs was her self-penned ballad 100 Years, which was released as a single in 1975 under the name Joey Dyser, and went straight to #1, followed by huge sales in Belgium and Germany as well. Josje Duister enjoyed the success, but decided that her job and her family were more important. Silence ever after. A pity, because to my taste this song, with its peculiar drums only introduction, was one of the better Dutch hits of the seventies.

Artist: Joey Dyser
Album: Who's A Full Time Saint?
Year: 1975
Quality/Rate: 192 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Pop
Server: Rapidshare

Song title


01 - Like A Little Girl
02 - War Is Over
03 - My Love
04 - Don’t You Know It
05 - What Have They Done To The Rain
06 - 100 Years
07 - I Am A Woman
08 - Who Is A Full Time Saint?
09 - Greedy Old You
10 - Sally-Ann
11 - Let The Sun Shine In (On My Worl Again

Enjoy it!


I think I just add these three songs as extra bonustracks wich are not on the Lp and very hard to find.
The German verson of the song 100 years and the b side of it.
And her last single she brought out in 1977 Paul wich is also a good song.
128 kbps

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