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Monday, August 25, 2008

Joan Osborne - Little Wild One (2008)

Artist: Joan Osborne
Album: Little Wild One (2008)
Genre: Pop

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Joan Osborne reunites with the same team that worked on her 1995 top 5 hit, 'One Of Us', for Little Wild One.
Long considered one of the greatest voices of her generation, Osborne has a passionate and wide fan base eagerly awaiting the true follow up to her three-time-platinum album, Relish.

1. Hallelujah In The City
2. Sweeter Than The Rest
3. Cathedrals
4. Little Wild One
5. Rodeo
6. To The One I Love
7. Daddy O
8. Meet You In The Middle
9. Can't Say No
10. Light Of This World
11. Bury Me On The Battery

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