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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jason Mraz - Mr. A-Z (2005)

Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: Mr. A-Z
Year: 2005
Quality/Rate: 192 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Song title

"Life Is Wonderful" (Jason Mraz) - 4:20
"Wordplay" (Mraz, Kevin Kadish) - 3:06
"Geek in the Pink" (Mraz, Ian Sheridan, Kadish, Scott Storch) - 3:55
"Did You Get My Message?" - duet with Rachael Yamagata (Mraz, Dan Wilson) - 4:00
"Mr. Curiousity" (Mraz, Dennis Morris, Lester Mendez) - 3:54
"Clockwatching" (Mraz, Morris, Ainslie Henderson) - 4:23
"Bella Luna" (Mraz, Billy "Bushwalla" Galewood) - 5:02
"Plane" (Mraz, Morris) - 5:13
"O. Lover" (Mraz, Morris) - 3:54
"Please Don't Tell Her" (Mraz, Eric Hinojosa) - 4:37
"The Forecast" (Mraz, Hinojosa) - 3:44
"Song for a Friend" (Mraz, Wilson, Morris, Hinojosa) - 8:09

Enjoy it!

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