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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey! Say! Jump - Your Seed Bouken Rider (2008)

Your Seed / Bouken Rider was Hey! Say! JUMP’s 3rd single. It was released July 23, 2008. It sold 160,032 copies in it’s first week, 187,97 overall and reached #1 on the charts. Your Seed was used as the image song for the movie “Kung Fu Panda”.

Your Seed is definitely different from Hey! Say! JUMP’s other releases. It’s a synth and beat heavy mature sounding pop track with an oriental sound coming in now and then. The hook is particularly catchy, with the repetition of “Believe in yourself” that starts off the song and appears after the chorus. The chorus is where you get to hear the oriental sound the most due to the instruments. The song almost has a dark sound to it, but it’s actually just the mature-ness of the song.

On the other hand, Bouken Rider is completely typical HSJ. It starts with drum beatings and the familiar brass instruments. The verses are pretty normal and are accompanied by an upbeat acoustic guitar. My favorite part was easily the chorus mostly because of the vocals and the way it repeats itself twice. It’s a standard, HSJ song with above average vocals.

This release reminded me a lot of Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue; a mature sounding a -side and a brass inspired song b-side(though Bouken Rider is actually an a-side). Your Seed was something we hadn’t heard from HSJ before and they managed to present it perfectly while still maintaining the HSJ image. Bouken Rider was a little more generic in the sense but proves to be a fun listen in itself.

Artist: Hey! Say! Jump
Album: Your Seed Bouken Rider
Year: 2008
Quality/Rate: 320 Kbps Mp3
Genre: synth and beat

Song title

1. Your Seed
2. Bouken Rider
3. Your Seed (Original Karaoke)
4. Your Seed (Original Karaoke)

Download here

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