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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Free - BBC Sessions (1968-1972)

Artist: Free
Album: BBC Sessions (1968-1972)
Genre: Rock

1. Waiting on You
2. I’m a Mover
3. Over The Green Hills
4. Broad Daylaight
5. Songs of Yesterday
6. Fire and Water
7. All Right Now
8. Ride On A Pony
9. Be My Friend

.Bonus Tracks.
10. Sweet Tooth (early version with different lyrics)
11. Oh I Wept (bumper version)
12. Woman
13. Walk In My Shadow (live in Croydon)
14. Mooshine (live in Sunderland)
15. Guardian Of The Universe (Paul Roders solo version)
16. Hand Me Down/Turn Me Round (unused track – Rabbit on vocal)
17. Heartbreaker (rehearsal)"

Download here Part 1
Download here Part 2

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