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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Eagles - Farewell Tour 1 Live from Melbourne (2005)

In 1994, the hit band, the Eagles, reunited after a long, 14 year break-up. Together again, they embarked on the highly successful Hell Freezes Over tour. To mark the occasion they recorded a live TV special for M TV, later released to video. The Hell Freezes Over (HFO) DVD became highly regarded in the home theater community for its outstanding fidelity, particularly in its DTS incarnation. It has since become a mainstay with countless magazines who use it as source material for product reviews. The disc also found its way into retail demo rooms where it gained even further exposure. HFO reached legendary status when it became the largest selling music video in history. Now, 11 years later, the Eagles have again released a concert DVD, and again it is in conjunction with a tour, titled Farewell I Tour: Live from M elbourne (Farewell 1).

Farewell 1 is a two-disc collection of live concert footage shot in November 2004. This new package highlights performances from Rod Laver Arena in M elbourne , Australia . The compilation offers 29 songs including two new tracks, One Day at a Time and No M ore Cloudy Days . Nearly three hours of music are presented over the two discs. M issing is guitarist and long-time band member Don Felder, who was fired in 2001. Also gone is the large orchestra seen in HFO . In Farewell 1 , the band is instead backed by a second drummer, two keyboardists, four saxophone players, and Felder's replacement, guitarist Stueart Smith.

Artist: The Eagles
Album: Farewell Tour 1 Live from Melbourne
Year: 2005
Quality/Rate: 256 bps Mp3
Genre: Country-Rock

Song title

01 Intro.mp3
02 The Long Run.mp3
03 New Kid In Town.mp3
04 Wasted Time.mp3
05 Peaceful Easy Feeling.mp3
06 I Can't Tell You Why.mp3
07 One Of These Nights.mp3
08 One Day At A Time.mp3
09 Lyin' Eyes.mp3
10 The Boys Of Summer.mp3
11 In The City.mp3
12 Already Gone.mp3
13 Tequila Sunrise.mp3
14 Love Will Keep Us Alive.mp3
15 No More Cloudy Days.mp3
16 Hole In The World.mp3
17 Take It To the Limit.mp3
18 You Belong To The City.mp3
19 Walk Away.mp3
20 Sunset Grill.mp3
21 Band Introductions.mp3
22 Joe Walsh Intro.mp3
23 Life's Been Good.mp3
24 Dirty Laundry.mp3
25 Funk #49.mp3
26 Heartache Tonight.mp3
27 Life In The Fast Lane.mp3
28 Hotel California.mp3
29 Rocky Mountain Way.mp3
30 All She Wants To Do Is Dance.mp3
31 Take It Easy.mp3
32 Desperado.mp3

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

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