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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abba - Missing Pieces Vol. 3

Artist: Abba
Album: Missing Pieces Vol. 3
Year: ????
Quality/Rate: 320 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Europop
Server: Rapidshare

Song title

01.Raring (Bjn's first single A-side)
02.Vill Du Ha En V (B-side)
03.Fren Fredriksson (Bjn's second single A-side)
04.V Egen Sg (B-side)
05.Saknar Du Not Min Ka (Bjn's third single A-side)
06.Gt Inte Glt (B-side)
07.Partaj-Aj-Aj (Bjn's fourth single A-side)
08.Kvinnan I Mitt Liv (B-side)
09.Borsta Tandtrollen Bort (One sided single distributed to children as a part of a health campaign)
10.Sjung Denna Sg (Agnetha & Jgen Edman)
11.Kungens Vaktparad (Agnetha single from 1971)
12.She's My Kind Of Girl (The first single ever feat. all four members of ABBA. A-side)
13.Inga Theme (B-side. Theme from the Swedish soft porn movie The Seduction Of Inga)
14.Litet Solskensbarn (Agnetha B-side from 1970)
15.Lycka (Bjn & Benny's second single A side, from the album Lycka)
16.Hej, Gamle Man! (Bjn & Benny's second single B-side feat. Agnetha & Frida)
17.Hey, Musikant! (German only single A-side) / Was Die Liebe Sagt (German only single B-side)
18.Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjpa (Bjn & Benny's third single A-side feat. Agnetha & Frida)
19.PBrlop (Bjn & Benny's third single B-side feat. Agnetha & Frida)

Enjoy it!

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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