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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cat Stevens - Matthew & Son (1967 Mp3)

Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: Mathew & Son
Year: 1967
Quality/Rate: 320 Kbps Mp3
Genre: Folk-Rock
Server: Rapidshare

Song title
1 Matthew and Son (2:45)
2 I Love My Dog (2:23)
3 Here Comes My Baby (2:58)
4 Bring Another Bottle Baby (2:44)
5 Portobello Road (2:29)
6 I've Found a Love (2:32)
7 I See a Road (2:11)
8 Baby Get Your Head Screwed On (2:22)
9 Granny (3:13)
10 When I Speak to the Flowers (2:25)
11 The Tramp (2:11)
12 Come on and Dance (2:10)
13 Hummingbird (2:37)
14 Lady (3:03)
15 School Is Out (2:59)
16 I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun (2:13)

Download Hier (rapidshare)

Cat Stevens, born Steve Georgiou in London, England, July 21, 1947, was the son of a Greek father and a Swedish mother.
People close to him during his career always referred to him as Steve, not Cat.

Much of Cat Stevens' success came in the '70s, but his music career began years earlier, when he landed his first hit
in England before he turned 20 with the song "I Love My Dog." The song was included on the album "Matthew & Son",

Matthew and Son is the first album by English singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, released in 1967. It was recorded only by Stevens' guitars, piano & vocals, but finally it was arranged with a full orchestra.

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